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Have attended a wedding reception in the recently? You may have noticed that some more of the traditional things have changed over the years and even more so in the past couple of years. With more and more special couples already living together and sometimes even setting up home before marriage, there is now generally less of the traditional toasters, kettles and crockery as presents as these are now already owned these for some time leaving the large wedding present table to be just a found memory of the past.

In today's Weddings it is now very common and acceptable to request vouchers for a large range of gifts and even monetary offerings. Your Wedding guests now tend to bring and hold sometimes valuable envelope. Without an obvious secure place to deposit them can often make your guests feel slightly uneasy and possibly be on edge trying to catch the attention of the usher, the groom or even the bride.

A new, fun and safer place for guests to leave their valuable cards and gifts could be an important addition to your wedding plans. This then can leave you and your wedding guests tine to unwind and enjoy the wedding you have worked so hard on.


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